List of Seeger students who have served in the Armed Forces!













Acton Avery US Army     2013
Armes Wade US Army     1985
Arnold Alen US Army     1994
Bailey Stephen US Navy     1998
Bales Eric US Navy Reserves     2006
Bannon Colton US Marine Corps     2018
Barnhart Alan US Army     2006
Bender Justin US Army Reserve     1998
Benskin Eugene US Army     1967
Black Larry US Marine Corps 68-77     1965
Bonebright Kyson US Air Force     2019
Bravo Patrick US Navy     1995
Brenner Mike US Army     1964
Brenner Russell US Air Force     1997
Brenner Scott US Marine Corps     1990
Brown Jerry US Marine Corps/USMCR
Brown Robert (Bob) US Marine Corps     1961
Brushaber Joshua US Army National Guard     2012
Burge Eric US Army     1988
Burge Neil US Air Force     1989
Burton Joshua US Air Force     2014
Campbell Howard Burns US Army     1968
Carter Joshua US Marine Corps     2002
Casson Joseph US Navy     2008
Chinn Jake US Army     2010
Chinn Jim US Marine Corps     1972
Clark Julie Hetrick US Navy     1994
Clark Wil US Air Force     2019
Collins Caleb US Air Force     1966
Collins Robert US Marine Corps     2010
Commons Matthew US Army 2009-2014 OEF 2009-10 and 2012  2009
Commons Michael US Army     2011
Cooper Aaron US Army     2011
Cunningham Logan US Air Force    
Curran Kimberly US Coast Guard     2010
Davis James US Army National Guard     2013
Davis James (Jim) D. US Air Force     1970
Davis-Nelson Brandi US West Point Graduate
Day Bill US Air Force     1970
Deanda Aaron US Marine Corps     1990
Farrar Brandon US Army  2011-2015  OEF 2014 2011
Feazel Douglas US Army     2005
Fink Jason US Navy     1988
Fletcher Sam US Marine Corps     2010
Freeman Kameron US Army     2011
Gouty Nathan US Army     2010
Grimmett Greg US Army National Guard     2002
Hackett Darren US Army National Guard     2003
Halsema Jacob US Army  2016-2020  2017-18 and 2019-20 2016
Hanthorne Caleb US Air Force     2014
Hanthorne Nathan US Army     2006
Hetrick Maurice David US Army     1968
Hetrick Tom US Army     1968
High Michael US Marine Corps     1997
Hill Brandon US National Guard     2016
Hislope Robert US Air Force     1985
Hoskins Collin US Army     2014
Howard Darrell US Army     1973
Hubbert Daniel US Navy     2007
Hunley Daniel US Army     2011
Jasper Codey US Navy     2011
Jensen Steve US Navy     1978
Johnson Brad US Army  1969-70 and 1977-2002   1969
Johnson Mark US Army     1195
Johnston Quentin Indiana National Guard     2016
Karlson Jon Karl US Marine Corps     1968
Keller Greg US Army     1978
Kenworthy Steve US Army    ODS 1991 1989
Kiefer Peyton US Army     2018
Lanham Timothy US Navy     1988
Lawson Arthur US Army     1988
Ledbetter Bryant US Army & US Air Force
Leonard Robert (Bobby) US Navy     1986
Logsdon Kevin US Coast Guard     1983
Lunaconde (Wallace) 
Amanda US Army     2007
Lyons Jeffrey US Air Force     2004
Magner Ryan US Air Force     2005
Marshall Thomas Emmett US Marine Corps     2004
Marshall Timmy Wayne US Marine Corps     1977
Martin Adison US Army     2015
Martin Gary W. US Army National Guard     1975
Martin Halie US Navy     2007
Martin Joseph US Army     1992
Martin Robert "Bob" US Navy     2004
Massey Kyle US Marine Corps     2013
Mathews Todd US Marine Corps     1999
McKay Lea US Air Force     2017
McPike Zack US Army     2017
Meek James (Jim) Lawrence US Navy     1968
Miller Greg US Army     1976
Miller Rodric US Army  1984-1987   1980
Miller-Bramer Joseph US Army     2011
Mortimore Cody US Army     2009
Nelson Patrick US Air Force     2017
Odle Dave US Marine Corps     1989
Orahood Caleb US Air Force     2013
Painter Jay US Navy     1968
Painter Steve US Army     1966
Parrish Eric US Air Force     2007
Pearson Charles US Coast Guard     1960
Pearson Danny US Marine Corps     1983
Penick Anthony US Army     2009
Peterson Duane US Marine Corps     1980
Peterson Jeffery US Army     2001
Pickett Aleia US Coast Guard     2005
Pickett Johnathan US Marine Corps     1998
Rasmussen Kyle Lee US Army Reserves 2000-Present

OIF 03/04, 06/07,

Ft. Hood Mobilization 14/15

Reed Clarence James (Jim) US Navy     1968
Richardson Dean US Navy     1982
Ricketts Jeffery US Army     1983
Robbins Rick US Army     1976
Salts Wally US Army & US Air Force     1963
Sarkkinen Brian US Marine Corps     2004
Shamp Erick US Army     1989
Shoaf Jerry US Army & National Guard     1976
Shoaf Scott US Army & National Guard
 2000-2013, 2015-Present   1998
Silver Michael US Air Force     1977
Simonton Richard US Army     1998
Smith James US Navy     2002
Snedeker Maythew US Navy     2010
Sonny Harp US Marine Corps     1987
Spangler Carl Robert US Army     1968
Sprague (Durr) Theresa US Navy     1999
Stamm Caleb US Army    OEF 2013
Steele Dylan US Marine Corps     2012
Stephen Reginal (Reggie) Hayes US Army     1968
Stover Storme US Air Force     2010
Stpver Jordan US Marine Corps     2013
Synesael Ryan US Army     2009
Tanner Jr Jack US Marine Corps     1984
Taylor John US Army     2009
Taylor Steve US Army & National Guard     1985
Taylor Tim US Marine Corps     1998
Thompson Ryan US Air Force  2003 - Present   1999
Thurman Tanner US Navy     2010
Turner Katharyn US Air Force     2000
VanCamp Larry W. US Marine Corps     1981
VanHook Damon US Army     1990
Verhoeven Daniel US Army     2005
Wallace Joshuah US Army     2008
Walters Zachery US Army     2013
Watkins Andrew US Army     2016
Wesley Gordon US Navy     1978
White Brandon US Army & Coast Guard     2001
White Dale US Air Force & US Army     1969
Williams III Joe US Army     1995
Wilson Brian US Marine Corps     2001
Wilson Donald Michael US Air Force     1975
Winegardner Paul Duane US Army     1962
Wolf Gene US Army     1963