Substitute Teachers are needed at all Warren County schools.

At the MSD of Warren County, we are always looking for good substitute teachers and would be glad to add you to the list.


If you are a high school graduate, you need three things to sub for our school district- A state issued substitute teaching license,a background check, and a substitute teacher application.


Two of the three are available on our website- Once there, go to the Employment link and you will see the drop-down for the application and background check.  On the application, be sure to indicate any past experience with teaching or working with children and designate which schools or grade levels you are interested in. When submitted, those two items will be delivered straight to the superintendent’s office.

The sub license can be applied for at

Create a profile and choose MSD of Warren County as your school system.  The superintendent’s office will approve the application, but cannot access your license.  Send a copy to the superintendent’s once it is complete.  

Once all three items have been submitted, you are eligible to substitute teach!

Employment paperwork- taxes, etc. are also involved but can be submitted once substitute teaching begins. Pay is determined by level of college attained and experience with us but begins at $55.00 per day.

If you have any questions, please call at 765-762-3364.