MSD of Warren County

Elementary School Counselor

Duties and Responsibilities

MSD of Warren County is looking to expand the Elementary Counseling program by adding a second position.  A Masters degree in School Counseling is required.



  • Serve as liaison between home, school, and community agencies.
  • Assist students and parents in assuming responsibilities for problem-solving.
  • Collaborate with all staff members in promoting appropriate learning opportunities for students.
  • Assist parents, teachers, and students in matters pertaining to student achievement or behavioral concerns.
  • Assist in creating, changing, and maintaining PBIS procedures.
  • Work with DCS for reporting.
  • Collaborate with community and high school to become Gold Star Certified


Prevention Services

  • Aid in the identification of child or target groups of children needing preventative social services and subsequent development of preventative social services to meet the needs of a child or target group.
  • Schedule and facilitate regular programming within classrooms (Good touch/bad touch, how to be friends, bullying prevention, etc.)
  • Provide opportunities for parent education, support, and encouragement.


Intervention Services

  • Provide individual and/or group counseling to students and/or parents to provide appropriate learning opportunities for students.
  • Train professional staff to use social/developmental information in a multi-disciplinary effort to determine the most appropriate educational placement of students.
  • Produce a resource guide, which lists and describes appropriate medical and psychological services for students.
  • Provide crisis intervention with students and families.


State Testing

  • Maintain complete, accurate, and up-to-date data and records.
  • Coordinate State Testing (ILEARN/IREAD3)
  • Monitor ELL and WIDA testing


How to Apply

  • Deadline to apply is April 3rd.