Fundraising Opportunities

Every year, the Seeger Music Department takes part in a few different Fundrasing Opportunities. The money raised from these events go towards both students to help pay for our 4 year trip and also towards the Music Department to help with necessary purchases within the programs. 

Cheese and Sausage

This is our highest grossing profit from any fundraiser we do! Part of the sales of the Cheese and Sausage each year goes towards the students to help pay our 4 year trip! The other portion goes towards the Music Department to help with purchases necessary within the department.

Clothing Fundraiser

This is the fundraiser that student tend to look forward to. We work with a company to create apparel that shows off our Music Department, Choir Program, and Band Program Pride as well as our overall school pride! For every sale, the music department gets a portion of the cost back. The money raised from this fundraiser goes towards necessary program purchases.

1st Class Fundraiser

Do you like yummy butterbraids? So do we! This fundraiser is an absolute tasty one in the spring. 

21st Century Fundraiser

Spaghetti Dinner