Harmony 3 Family Access!

MSD of Warren County Schools offers parent/guardian access to Harmony 3 Family Access!

There are many features with this access.  Features include access to view all of the data for a student on one screen and One Family Login site for those families with multiple students enrolled in our schools. 

A feature that usefull for parents/guardians in the Family Access is Push Notifications.  This allows parents/guardians to specify when and how they want to be notified regarding a students' grades, attendance, discipline and cafe balance. They also can specify if they want to be notified via text message and/or email.  This option is located at the bottom of the family access, and the parents can set up different notification options for each of their students.  Students can also set up notifications!  Both parents and students have this option- even if they are not looking at their account regularly, they can be notified that there is a concern they need to investigate closer. 

When requested, parents and students can expect an email or text with instructions on setting up their account.  Click the link below for those instructions, if needed.  Should you have any questions, please contact your child’s school office personnel.


How To Video

Family Access Instructions for setting up accounts (pdf version)