CONGRATULATIONS on your completion of high school and graduating from SHS!


You have truly left a remarkable imprint, which will never be lost or forgotten.

Here are a couple of important dates:

June 1, 2021 - Your network login accounts and documents saved here at SHS will be deleted

Sept 1, 2021 - Your Gmail account will be inactivated


Following are some steps to assist you as you transition out of SHS technology.

     1) Make certain that your account is NOT set up as your primary account for backup on your phones or other personal devices. It is recommended to use a personal Gmail account.

     2) Move your files from your documents stored on the server. You can copy them to a flash drive or upload them to a personal Google Drive.  This part does not pertain to all students as we have not been using the high school server for file storage.  But, some may have during your junior high school years.

     3) If you wish to keep your email and/or documents in your Google Drive, you can use a utility called Google Takeout.  There's 2 different ways users can use Google Takeout - Download or Transfer content.  The difference between the two, Download allows a user to download all content across the Google Apps suite.  Transfer only allows you to transfer Gmail and Drive.  There's ways to transfer other apps, but it is not as seamless.   Follow the steps inside that video to download them using the Google Takeout:

We recommend the Download option because that will give the user content from Gmail and Drive plus Calendar, Chrome settings, Contacts, Google Photos, Play Store, Keep, Tasks, YouTube, and so much more that you don't get with the Transfer.  


If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact us in the Tech Office at SHS.