MSD of Warren County eLearning Day                

October 17th, 2018       


All MSD of Warren County schools will experiment with the corporation’s first eLearning Day on October 17th.  We will communicate our purpose & procedures in this document, as well as provide a list of possible Frequently Asked Questions.  It is our hope that this will be a positive day of learning for students and parents alike.

Purpose of eLearning Days:

  • To provide students with an opportunity to interact with curriculum outside of the school setting.
  • Allows teachers to continue having a day for Parent/Teacher conferences.  Many schools have decided not to hold conferences with all parents; however, we feel it is very important to meet with each student’s parent face-to-face.
  • To allow students and teachers opportunities to experiment outside the realm of traditional learning by incorporating technology.

Important Considerations:

  • Since this is a trial run for all schools in our corporation, it will be a work in progress.  Issues will arise for which we did not consider, so please be patient as we learn with our students.
  • We would like to have your input once the eLearning Day is completed.  Schools will send a survey to parents that will help us determine positives and negatives from the day.  Please be considerate and avoid negative feedback on Social Media. Questions or comments can be directed to building principals and teachers, or wait until the survey is distributed.  
  • Remember that students are taking home school property.  iPads and cords sent home should return to school in the same working condition as they went home.