MSD of Warren County
eLearning Day October 17th, 2018




 Frequently Asked Questions:

     1. When will MSD of Warren County participate in an eLearning day and will there be more eLearning days scheduled this year?

MSD of Warren County will participate in its first eLearning day scheduled on October 17th.  We will not schedule any additional eLearning dates this school year.  The district will use the first eLearning day as a practice to build on in the future.  This will count as a full day of instruction.


      2. What if I do not have a device for my child or internet access? 

The district has planned around the needs of our students.  In the elementary schools, each child in grades 3-6 will bring his/her iPad home for the eLearning experience.  Students in grades K-2 will not bring iPads home but will be given options to use a device at home. Teachers will provide options for students that do not have internet access so that we are providing opportunities for learning to still occur.  Lesson plans will be sent home in their eLearning folder with detailed plans or notes.


     3. On the eLearning day, does my child have to check into the school for attendance?

Teachers will send home an eLearning folder that will have a detailed assignment sheet, which includes a parent signature portion.  Please sign and return the sheet with the child as he/she returns the next school day. Lesson plans can also be accessed via the MSD of Warren County website (www.msdwarco.k12.in.us) under each school’s eLearning link.  


     4. Will the teacher be available if my child experiences trouble with the assignment?

Yes, the teachers will be available by email or school phone from 8:00-9:00 a.m. on October 17th.  Due to hosting parent/teacher conferences the remainder of the day, teachers will not be available after 9:00 a.m.  The teacher’s contact information will be included on the assignment sheet; however, it is not necessary to contact your child’s teacher unless issues arise.  


     5. How long will the eLearning day last?

Our teachers will plan a section of assignments that can be completed within two hours for the entire day.  Here is an example:

Math 30 min.
Reading 30 min.
Vocabulary/Spelling 30 min.
Special area class 30 min.


     6. How will my child complete a special area class during eLearning?

         Your child will be given an option to participate in any special area class of his/her choosing, which will include art, music, or PE.  The special area teachers will have an assignment                listed on the eLearning assignment sheet for your child to select upon his/her preference.